Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit



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Tado° introduces the new Smart Radiator Thermostats: More comfort, better control and platform connectivity. You don’t have your own boiler but have radiators? With the new multi-room control you can save even more on your heating costs and make life more comfortable. The intuitive interface of the Smart Radiator Thermostats and the new Smart Schedules in the app make control of your heating even easier. Control your house’s temperature from everywhere – via the app, your pc or even by voice (Alexa, Siri, Google) The wireless thermostat automatically cuts your energy bill up to 31% using your phone’s location, weather forecasts and integration of building characteristics Smart Home Integration – Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant..: Control your heating with your voice or enable multiple Smart Home products and services to work in combination by creating scenes. Works with majority of radiator valves. Box contains: 2x tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat, 2 adapter-sets, tado° Internet Bridge, free app and accessories. Use for horizontally mounted radiator valves If you already have a Smart Thermostat – Starter Kit including the Internet Bridge, then you only need Smart Radiator Thermostats, not the Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit. You can add further Thermostats or Radiator thermostats to your Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit to control multiple heating zones. The Internet Bridge in the Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit can connect multiple Smart Radiator Thermostats and Smart Thermostats to the internet. If you already have a Smart Thermostat – Starter Kit (v3), you can easily add additional Smart Radiator Thermostats. The box contains: 1 Smart Radiator Thermostats, Internet Bridge, USB cable, connectors, ethernet cable, 2x 2 AA batteries, 3 different adapters per thermostat


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